White Horse Eventing

White Horse Eventing lesson etiquette
• Services must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to time of service.
• Arrive early enough before your lesson time to thoroughly groom and tack your horse correctly.  No mud, shavings in manes or tails, etc. Take the time to groom: curry, brush and pick hooves thoroughly: treat thrush as needed and oil the hooves when dry.
• Please ride in breeches/jeans and half chaps with paddock boots or tall boots.  Close fitting shirts and jackets – nothing long or baggy.  Please keep shirt styles athletic. If I can’t see you – I can’t help you improve.  No tank tops/spaghetti straps and no visible under garments.  Helmets are required at all times when riding.
• Hair should be up tied back neatly, under the helmet and/or in a hair net. 
• Tack up in crossties, designated groom area or a stall. 
• All tack whether owned by you or WHE should be cleaned each time of use.  Cleaner and sponges are kept by in the tack room. Please remember to return equipment to the tack room!
• Take time to cool your horses correctly.  In hot months, you can hose or sponge your horses. In cold weather, thoroughly groom sweat off by drying and then currying and brushing.  Only blanket when thoroughly dry.
• Pick up after yourself.  If your horse poops, pick it up. More poop=more flies. Always sweep cross ties after riding.
• Pay attention to the way everything else is put away.  Please leave all supplies and tack as neat as you found them!
• Always check the area you were in for anything that you might have used that is still be out.

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